Apple’s reputation of being fashonabily late

Apple has a proven reputation to bring exemplary devices to the market. However, they are often late to the party. This has been the case with NFC, the Watch, and various other innovations. Some refer to it as Apple playing “catch-up”, others see it as perfection taking time. Many manufacturers will rush new technologies to the market, and too many times those creations aren’t ready.  This has been the case with Pay. The android market has been filled with NFC-enable devices for several years (The Nexus S was released in 2010) however, we never saw such a massive surge of NFC payments until Pay was released. Not only is it near seem-less to setup, Pay is so easy to use you’ll never want to carry a card again. All the user has to do is place the NFC-enabled iPhone near a compatitble credit card terminal, place their finger on the TouchID sensor, and voila: Payment complete!


It may have taken Apple 4 years to produce a NFC-enabled iPhone, however when they finally did, it was done right.